Deep Transitions (DT) theory and the research project seeks to make sense of what has happened in the past (DT History) to understand trends towards the Second Deep Transition (DT Futures), the Sustainability Revolution. Read more about the research project here↗.

Visual Identity Systems
Logo Design
Editorial & Print Design

Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges (UGlobe)
Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex
Baillie Gifford


The new branding of Deep Transitions inspired by the existing logo of DT History and colours strives for a professional and sophisticated yet fresh and engaging appearance. The transitioning concept is reflected on the DT logo with a gradient (deep blue to deep indigo and finishes with deep teal).


Topographic lines represent elevation and dept while resembling ripples that emphasise change: Deep Transitions. Supportive visual elements are essential to creating elegant layouts that are not text-heavy. 

Colours have an important role in identifying Deep Transitions research project phases and the use of gradients emphasise “transition". The main research project, Deep Transitions, DT Futures and DT History have their specific colour palettes.


Gradients are also visible on the logos of DT History and Futures within their colour group. Wavy lines in the DT Futures logo resemble how numerous pathways collide, strengthen and continue flowing into the same (sustainable) direction, which is the desired future and what the DT Futures would ideally look like.