The Hague & Partners is the umbrella organisation that facilitates the joint efforts of The Hague Marketing Bureau, The Hague Convention Bureau, and The Hague Business Agency which are the official marketing organisations of The Hague as leisure, conference, and business destination.

Together these three organisations join forces to increase the awareness of The Hague among their national and international target audiences.

Visual Identity Systems
Editorial & Print Design

The Hague & Partners

Art Direction by Happy Folk


The visual identity of the partners is identifiable by the sign-off. While the rhombus and the word trio provide a strong conceptual foundation, the sticker is used as a container that binds these two elements. It is used to maintain consistency and immediate recognition by providing a background of colour, individual for each partner.


The corporate logos were developed with reference to the sign-off: sharing the colour, the typeface and the visual accentuation of the word The Hague. Each of the three partners within TH&P makes use of their individual corporate identity for the purpose of organisational representation and marketing.

The visual identity system for the partners can also be easily applied or implemented for the marketing materials of third-party organisations for consistent visual communication on all channels throughout the city. The visual identity, later on, was also adopted by The Hague city branding. 

In the development of this brand, both strategic and tactical needs have been taken into account. Additionally, it was important to achieve visual simplicity and avoid clutter - which is essential when creating such a complex brand architecture.

In September 2017, three organisations (The Hague Marketing Bureau, The Hague Convention Bureau, and The Hague Business Agency) announced their partnership for the first time during The Hague Awards. 


Secondary Language

Later on, I've worked on developing a secondary language of the branding, which honours and extends the possibilities of the principal visual identity of The Hague & Partners and the city. I explored ways to implement it on various mediums.

I've created an imaginary campaign for 'The Hague Art Festival' and has been produced to showcase the creative possibilities of the secondary visual language.