75 Years of Freedom 2020 Concept Designs

In 2019/2020 we celebrate the liberation of the Netherlands 75 years ago and that we have been living in freedom ever since. In 2020 this theme will be central in the Netherlands and The Hague. It is important to have 75 years of freedom, but the UN will also celebrate their 75 years in 2020 and by association "freedom" and the UN are central to The Hague, the city of peace and justice.

The Hague municipality wanted to have a special concept highlighting 3 phases of this event which would be the commemoration, the celebration, and the future. I've prepared a concept combining freedom & peace with the city and the city's symbol, the rhombus - which is "ruit" in Dutch, and also means "window" which played a big part in the concept, looking through this "ruit", the viewer would see to the past and to the future. For the commemoration and celebration, we're looking at images of today's Hague, and through the "ruit" we see the wartime. Seeing these war images placed on the images of the same places but now, is very impactful in terms of remembering and being grateful. The second part is similar, but this time, we see kids' drawings of how they think the city will be in the future. Additional ideas were to have an app that shows you wartime images when you direct it to a certain building or having cutout billboards to play with the then/now concept to create engagement.

The target group is people who live in The Hague, age between 4-30, and regional/international visitors. This is why I wanted to create visuals with bold and vivid elements. Scroll through the page to see the revisions and process. The municipality held an anonymous pitch to make a selection out of 3-4 concepts. Unfortunately, it was not chosen.

Concept revision after the feedback round 1

Concept revision after the feedback round 2